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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged?
Contact us immediately by phone or email; explain damage and we will handle immediately to your satisfaction

What are some different ways to finish adirondack furniture?
Oil/varnish combinations: The easiest to use, flood on, wipe off in 10-15 minutes; continue to touch up as needed.
Oil/Water Based Stain: Your cedar chair can be stained any color utilizing a good brand of oil or water based stain; paint on, wipe off; maintain as needed.
Paint: To paint cedar you must first utilize an acrylic water based primer followed by a water based acrylic enamel top coat; if you do not use a primer, the cedar will always “bleed through”” your top coat. If you want your furniture painted, we recommend using a furniture-grade pine. It paints much easier and leaves a nicer finish. Just let us know and we would we happen to do that.

What will happen if I don’t put any finish on my chair?
Wood is just like skin. When exposed to the elements (sun and rain), if you don't take care of it, it will dry out and can crack. Over time your chair will change to a silver/gray color. While this is the desired look for some, if you wish to prevent that, you will need to apply something (a wax or conditioner or stain) periodically.

How can I find out about your new products?
By checking our website from time to time. We update our website on a regular basis or just send us an e-mail, text or call.

What kind of finish do we use?
Here at Austin Adirondack, we have used a lot of different brands and colors, but we prefer a 'natural' stain that provides a nice finish bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. For over three years, we have been using 'Ready Seal' as our standard stain and have been pleased with the results. We apply our stain with a sprayer and then smooth it out with a brush; however, a brush alone or a rag can also be used. We also recommend reapplying your finish of choice at least yearly, depending on the exposure to the elements.

What if I want to learn about making/distributing this type of furniture?
Contact us by phone or email and we will send you details about becoming a distributor of our product.

What are the steps when it is time to re-stain my furniture?
First, we recommend sanding it down lightly on the main surface areas, just to keep the wood feeling smooth. This will also sand off any grayish areas if you have any. This can be done by hand with a piece of sandpaper or with a hand sander. The amount of sanding somewhat depends on the condition of the chair, but usually does not take long. Next, after sanding, you are ready to re-apply the stain. It's that simple!

What if I haven't taken care of my furniture and want to bring it back to life?
If your furniture has gotten to the silver stage and you want to bring it back to it's original condition, you would still start by sanding it as mentioned above. The sanding will obviously take longer and we would recommend a hand sander for this job. After sanding, we recommend that you wash the furniture in a bleach solution and let that dry for at least 24 hours. This will kill any mold, etc. that might be on the wood. After that, you are ready to stain it.


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